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Despite her lifelong suffering, she smiles at all the visitors to her village.  Her name is Zahra’a Ali Mater. She is at the age of 65 who lives with her family in a small house in Gharb Atabah village, Gharbi Alkhamysayn sub-district of Hajjah Governorate.

Zahra’a wasn’t lucky since she was a child.  She was born with different disabilities, she cannot hear neither talk which made her struggle more in life. Besides being deaf and dumb, Zahra’a has a physical disability. Her husband died long time ago and that makes it so hard to raise six children (3 boys and 3 girls) by her own.

We chatted with her and during our talk, her son was helping us understand the sign language. She once said during the first round of cash assistance, “One of my dreams, back in the days, was to buy a chicken,” this really explains how life is hard on her.

It is believed that life won’t stop giving you a chance. The cash assistance which supported people with special needs for four consecutive months gave hope to Zahra’a and her children to get their basic needs such as wheat flour, rice and sugar…etc. Zahra’a was very grateful for all the help. She smiled and hoped that cash assistance would continue for a long time.

Without the generosity of Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF), RDP wouldn’t be able to implement the Integrated Emergency Response Project which helped thousands of crisis affected people through health, WASH and livelihood interventions in Ibb and Hajjah Governorates.

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