Cured After a Long Battle With Malnutrition

Jana Hani Hamoud, a twelve – month – old child, has been suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). She lives with her parents below the poverty level in Al-Kariha village, Al-Afyush sub-district, Mudhiakhera district of Ibb Governorate.

Malnutrition during childhood can lead not only to long-term health problems but also to educational challenges and limited work opportunity in the future. Poverty in a war-torn country is the only leading cause of deteriorating the health condition of this adorable little baby. Painfully, the whole vulnerable family often spends day after day just waiting in vain for even a piece of bread.

On June 24th, 2018, while conducting the outreach activity, one of our Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) referred Jana to Al-Afyush health center which we support as she has acute watery diarrhea and weak body.  Consequently, Jana had to be treated in the nutrition department after she was taking physical measurements of weight/height (Z-score) and Mid-Upper Arm Circumference MUAC screening.

Sadly, our nutritionists in Al-Afyush health center discovered that Jana had severe acute malnutrition.  Her MUAC showed 11.4 cm, weight 4.7kg, weight/height (Z-score) <-3 (SAM case). And thus, she was given essential therapeutic supplements during 8 visitations to get a quick recovery.

Happily, within 3 months (Sep 23rd, 2018), Jana has become cured. The positive changes over her body can be seen. Her MUAC has become 13 cm, weight 7.3 kg, weight/height (Z-score) = -1, indicating greater health and better nutritional status.

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