Broaden the Horizons of FSL Verification Team

Ensuring the best practice in targeting the right beneficiaries requires a clear definition of the vulnerability criteria, a selection process that prioritize the neediest families, and a verification process to make sure that the selection of the most affected households is utterly applied in accordance with certain vulnerability criteria.

In Ash Shamayatan district, where the food supply is severely disrupted and populations are found most affected by the nonstop crisis, Relief and Development Peer Foundation has been implementing the “Emergency Food Assistance to the most Affected and Vulnerable Households Project” since December 1st, 2017, targeting three affiliated sub-districts “Adeem, Al-Asabih, and Hadharim”

On April 7th, 2018 – within the project’s activities – RDP conducted a training workshop about “The Verification Process of Beneficiaries” for 18 members of the verification team who have been selected from different sub-districts of Ash Shamayatan district as disaggregated (2 male – 16 female). It was indeed an intensive 8 to 5 workshop, taking place in Al-Turba sub-district of Taizz governorate.

Most importantly, RDP’s verification team was fully enriched with significant information on how to select the neediest families based on specific vulnerability criteria. The team members also became well aware of the field work mechanism, their duties and responsibilities, and field risks and mitigation strategies.

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