The Ultimate Value of Life Depends Upon Awareness

When talking about physical fitness, people have no clue how equally important mental health is. I see people suffering, and their families feel a sense of shame about it, which in actuality does not help. Truthfully, one needs support and understanding. Creating awareness among people in rural areas is what really matters to us.

Such sessions were aiming to increase the community awareness and prevention capacity to decrease the prevalence of acute malnutrition, communicable diseases, and maternal mortality. Consequently, nutrition education messages have been widely disseminated to all and sundry.

During the period of July 13th, to Aug 1st, 2017, RDP’s community health volunteers were provided with logistic support (including banners, brochures, posters, refreshments, stationery) and technical support (including instructions and reporting templates) to conduct nutrition awareness sessions for the most affected communities. 177 awareness sessions were conducted while 160 awareness sessions were planned. During awareness sessions, integrated health, nutrition, hygiene, and Infant Young Children Feeding were presented to affected communities.

During the activity implementation, RDP’s M&E officer was monitoring the awareness sessions to provide technical support and guidance for community health volunteers along with their supervisors, and also to make sure that the following nutrition messages were totally understood and applied with targeted beneficiaries.

  • Malnutrition (severe acute malnutrition – moderate acute malnutrition- stunting).
  • The use of therapeutic food.
  • Hygiene during child feeding.
  • The importance of child breastfeeding.

The importance of nutritious food for mothers and its impact on preventing children’s malnutrition.

The community health volunteers had reached a number of 4,795 beneficiaries, specifically, 2,349 participants’ disaggregated (879 men, 1470 women) in As Sabrah district whereas 2,446 participants disaggregated (1105 men, 1341 women) in Al Qafr district benefiting from the awareness sessions. Beneficiaries expressed their appreciation for such an outstanding activity and its reflection for their lives.

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