Humanitarian Story, WASH

The Scourge of Displacement

Displaced families and kids illustrated that they are enduring appalling living conditions as they live in tents with no food or water, not to mention that they can’t go to school.

When his house and farm got destroyed by the deadly war in 2015, the man and his family were coerced to leave everything behind, fleeing the village to a safer place in the neighboring area. But it was even a matter of time when the hosting area was targeted with airstrikes as well, pushing hundreds of families to forcibly displace to different districts in search of safety and security.

Mohammed Ali, aged sixty five, was living with his wife and five children in a cozy house in Harad district. He wholly depended on a small farm as a source of income, selling and eating what he grows. It has never crossed his mind that he might be leaving his own house and farm someday. But it’s the war that doesn’t last, leaving the grief, massive displacement, suffering and pain that forced Mohammed to flee the village of Zahab Hajar in Harad district in 2015 towards the village of Al-Shaab in the same district, but soon Mohammed heard the sounds of shelling and explosions which made him flee the entire district to the unknown.

Despite all difficulties, Mohammed and his family had no choice but to displace to a safer village in Mustaba district of Hajjah governorate. “I displaced to another district in search of security, but I found myself unable to provide my family water, a place to sleep or food to eat. The suffering has increased and I am a paralyzed man who cannot do anything to change the situation. My son “Ali – aged 18 years” is the one taking all responsibilities of the family, struggling to keep us safe and fed. Regretfully, life has made my son older than his age. Not to mention that my four daughters can’t go to school anymore”