RDP_Monthly Situation Report_Dec_2023


  • Continuing the rehabilitation works of Bani Al-Jawhari water scheme with an overall achievement of 50% to serve a total of 5,156 individuals with clean and potable water in Ku’aydinah district of Hajjah gov.
  • Completed implementing all project’s activities for the flood-affected people in Abs, Al-Qanawis, and Az Zuhra districts of Hajjah & Al-Hudaydah govs.
  • Providing MAM treatment to children U5 and PLW in Sama & As Silw districts of Taizz governorate.
  • Reducing acute malnutrition through blanket supplementary feeding program in Mustaba district of Hajjah governorate.
  • Conducting an induction workshop for local authorities and stakeholders to demonstrate their crucial role in supporting the project’s main objectives as well as activities in Kushar and Washhah districts of Hajjah gov.

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