A Child’s Fight Against Malnutrition

Indeed, malnutrition is a spooky little nightmare for each and every newborn. The unimaginable suffering of malnutrition had left her body exhausted, her eyes wide open. A child whose beauty had gradually faded away. A child whose smile had suddenly vanished.

Janaa Haidar Salam, a 12-month old child, has suffered from a severe acute malnutrition for a while. Janaa’s poor mother worried sick about her. Many thoughts raced into her mind, most of which how to get her little sick daughter out of her misery. Unfortunately, the compassionate mother never realized the fact that her daughter was severely malnourished.

Someday, Janaa’s mother ran out of patience. She stopped giving this matter some thought and started to take action. The poor mother decided to see a doctor. She went in a rush to the nearest health center “Maternity & Childhood”, which we fully support. It is located in Ash Shamayatayn district of Taizz governorate. Janaa’s mother waited anxiously to get to know the checkup result of her sick daughter from health workers. Yes, the compassionate mother couldn’t bear the suspense a moment longer. She was however assured that her daughter (Janaa) would get a swift recovery over the suffering of malnutrition.

Our health workers had taken Janaa’s MUAC screening the moment she stepped inside the health center.  Her MUAC showed 11.2, indicating a great deal of suffering from a severe acute malnutrition. The cute child (Janaa) had a positive appetite test, thus our nutritionist provided her with essential nutritional medications. Janaa’s mother was advised that these medications should be used within a week, and then she has to report back to the same health center for a follow-up.

Two weeks later, Janaa has become a different child, a beautiful little girl unlike the one who came two weeks ago. The positive changes over her body can be seen. Her head is no longer thin as it was before. The growth of her hair has been improved. Her MUAC has become 12, indicating how healthy her nutritional status is. Janaa’s compassionate mother couldn’t be happier to see such remarkable changes in her little cute daughter. She as a matter of fact told her neighbors what happened and guided them to the best way how a mother could take good care of her malnourished children.

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