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A Child’s Condition May Relapse Anytime

In view of multiple drivers of malnutrition in Yemen, a child’s condition may relapse anytime if nutrition services are cut off even for a short period of time. Children aged 0 to 59 months have fragile health and are much more susceptible to acute malnutrition. And thus, having sufficient access to treatment and preventive services is a priority number one to save children’s lives during this critical time.

In early 2021, cases of acute malnutrition among children under five are the greatest ever recorded. The onslaught of coronavirus pandemic has interrupted the safe delivery of nutrition services for children in certain areas which exacerbated the situation and increased the cases of acutely malnourished children aged 0 to 59 months.

As a case in point, Jana – aged 17 months – was brought by her mother to the BSFP distribution point in Mudhaikhira district when she was six months old. She has been benefitting from the blanket supplementary feeding program which RDP, by the support of WFP, implements in 16 targeted districts of Ibb, Taizz, Dhamar, and Hajjah governorates. However, in early 2021, nutrition services have been cut off for five months due to the fatal pandemic of COVID-19.

Since then, Jana and many other children started to lose weight. In February 2021, Jana had a severe acute malnutrition with a MUAC screening of 11.4 cm and was enrolled in the OTP for treatment. She spent seven months between the OTP and TSFP, receiving proper treatment until she fully recovered with a MUAC screening of 12.8 cm. Alhamdulillah, Jana has been fully discharged from the TSFP, and she’s now back on the BSFP program.