Peace Is Inevitable in Sana’a

In addition to the “Induction workshop for researching the mechanisms of applying 2250 resolution on youth, security, and peace” which was conducted earlier in New Horizons center, Aden governorate, a similar workshop was done by WOGOOD Foundation in Sana’a governorate.

On December 18th, 2017, the induction workshop was conducted in the International University of Technology Twntech ( I.U.T.T ) targeting 38 college students holding different majors – including RDP representatives as disaggregated ( 18 females – 20 males ).

As usual, the moderator Mr. Saqar Manqush began the workshop by highlighting the importance of peace during this very time in Sana’a, and how the youth of today are willing to spread and create peace among the community. He also stressed that they should realize and be aware of both International conventions and United Nations resolutions.

Such questions were asked during wide – ranging discussions. For instance, why the international and humanitarian resolutions of peace aren’t applied during this tough time in Sana’a. As a result, participants have been exposed to five key elements “Participation, Prevention, Protection, Partnership, demobilization and reintegration” all of which would help apply 2250 resolution and create peace among the community.

Finally, all the participants have been divided into five groups regarding the five key elements of 2250 resolution in order to discuss each point separately. Each group then had its best recommendations for each point so that they would be able to exchange more information and reach an agreement about each key element.

Although college students have never been to such workshops before, they were full of enthusiasm and eagerness to find better solutions and keep their community in peace and prosperity.

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