Peace Is Inevitable in Aden

Is peace possible in the world as we know it today?!

Providing employment opportunities to young people, involving youth in decision-making, supporting youth initiatives, and enforcing laws that prevent holding a gun would immeasurably create world peace.

In partnership with Relief and Development Peer Foundation, WOGOOD Foundation has conducted “Induction workshop for researching the mechanisms of applying 2250 resolution on youth, security and peace,” in New Horizons Center, Aden governorate.

December 3rd, 2017 was the date when this activity was implemented by a group of youth representing WOGOOD foundation. It was just one among several activities in the project of Youth, Security and Peace. It was targeting 30 young people from different local organizations along with youth initiatives.

Mr. Saqar Manqoush, the representative of WOGOOD Foundation, was the moderator who began the workshop by clarifying the concept of peace, and how young people are the main targeted category in promoting and enhancing the said concept. He also highlighted how necessary it is to raise awareness among the youth as regards UN resolutions and international conventions.

Additionally, Mr. Maan Al-Shamayla, an expert on Security Council resolutions, has taken a part in the discussion through Skype from Amaan, Jordan. He clearly has given a brief introduction over 2250 resolution, and how it began work with the United Nations. Moreover, Mr. Al-Shamayla has strongly suggested that young people should start working on the five key elements of 2250 resolution “participation, prevention, protection, partnership, demobilization and reintegration.”

Finally, the workshop was enriched with full knowledge about the five key elements of 2250 resolution. Therefore, participants were divided into five groups so that they could start working on the mechanisms of applying the mentioned resolution.

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